Lake Bunyonyi is a very perfect place relax and chill out alone, with family, and as a group. Being a beautiful lake, Lake Bunyonyi Uganda offers a lot of activities for tourists to enjoy on their Uganda safari.

Activities to do on a Uganda safari to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Canoe ride/ boat cruise along the lake

Tourists can take a canoe ride along the lake having admiring the beautiful islands of Lake Bunyonyi. The boat cruise is normally done in a dug-out canoe that is locally made by the people of the community. Taking a boat cruise is one incredible way to learn more about the lake, its people and their traditions as well.

A boat cruise can be done around the lake at any time of the day. However, the early morning boat cruise is the most exciting. This is because there is a lot of mist over the lake and as if cloud clover is all over the highlands.  Lake Bunyonyi gives you opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the lush highlands.

Batwa cultural safari tour Uganda

The famous Batwa pygmy people have a community on one of the sides of lake Bunyonyi which you can visit during using a canoe ride. The Batwa people are one of the oldest tribes Uganda has. When you visit the Batwa people, they will show you their traditional way of life, hunting techniques and will perform their traditional dances as a way of entertaining you.

Swimming in the lake

Lake Bunyonyi was tested and proved to be completely bilharzia free and its free from dangerous animals such as crocodiles and hippos making it ideal and a wonderful lake to swim during your relaxation time. However, given the immense depth (900m) of the lake, extreme caution should be taken when swimming because it may be easy to drown. Inexperienced may not swim at all and there are many cases of drowning at this lake.

Hiking Islands around Lake Bunyonyi

Tourists can also hike to the top of the highlands that are surrounding Lake Bunyonyi. This is a very exciting activity since it rewards visitors with incredible view points of the lake. When trekking, tourists pass through local communities and terraces giving them chance to meet and learn about the people in this area.

Bird watching around Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is directly translated as “little birds”. This name refers to the plenty of birds that live around Lake Bunyonyi.  Lots of birds can be seen during a boat cruise/canoe ride along the lake. Lots of water birds can be counted as well as other species on the islands. The lake is home to over 200 bird species such as grey-crowned cranes, red-chested sunbirds and many flycatchers. This is a place a tourist should not miss out on a Uganda birding safari.

Enjoy spectacular sunsets

The lake offers great photographic opportunities as the sun sets in the evening. There is always beautiful sunset when the sun rays reflect in the calm evening waters of the lake. This is a great way to end your amazing Uganda safari activity day on Lake Bunyonyi.



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Activities along Lake Bunyonyi

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