Lake Bunyonyi

Plan a Uganda adventure safari to Uganda’s Lake Bunyonyi and have fun by taking a boat cruise in over 29 Islands. Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa, the most tranquil natural settings Uganda has. Lake Bunyonyi is found in south western Uganda between the districts of Kisoro and Kabale close to the border with Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is 1962m above sea level (6,437ft) on an area of 60square kilometers and a depth of 44m(144ft). The lakes’ main Centre is in Bufuka village that is mainly inhabited by Bakiga and Batwa. Uganda’s beautiful lake should be on the top list of your must visit places on your Uganda safari. It is also ideal for a Uganda birding safari because of the lakes enormous number of birds whirling in the sky.

How to get to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda by road;

To go to Lake Bunyonyi, one must first reach Kabale town. From Kampala, while using the Kampala-Masaka and Kabale-Mbarara highway, Kabale is about 410km. A drive to the Kabale town takes about 7hours on a tarmac road.

From Kabale town to Lake Bunyonyi, it is about 66km when using the Kabale-Kisoro road. Using this road takes a drive of about 2hours.

When using the Kabale-Katuna-Kigali road, it is about 84km to get to Lake Bunyonyi. While driving, it takes a duration of about 2hours.

Via the Muko-Bufundi road, Lake Bunyonyi is about 53km and a drive there will take you 2 hours.

Are you stuck on the means on the means of transport to use while going to Lake Bunyonyi?

There are public means of public transport used to get to Lake Bunyonyi for both directions. (TO and FRO). There are lots of buses, minivans and taxes that use the Kabale route daily.

There are potholes and the steep hills make it a treacherous ride that’s a bit hard on your back and legs. Finding a car is a better idea if it has just rained or if you’re a group of people and they can be hired

The best way to have a successful journey is by taking a self-drive car vehicle or using a tour company because public means of transport are quite frustrating especially when you have to use a boda on a dusty bumpy road.

Are you worried traveling by road? See how to you can go to Lake Bunyonyi by air!

There are variety of options on how to get to Lake Bunyonyi by air. Scheduled flights can be arranged to Kihihi airstrip by Aerolink and upon arrival, you can be driven for a distance of 5hours to Lake Bunyonyi.

A flight to Kigali International Airport, you will be driven for a distance of about 2 hours to get you Lake Bunyonyi.

A flight to Kabale airstrip, the drive is normally 2 hours to Lake Bunyonyi.

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Get to Lake Bunyonyi by means of your choice!
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