15 Best Uganda Safari Lodges to Look Out For On a Visit to Lake Bunyonyi During This Christmas Season.

As Christmas draws close, you need to look out for a stunning Uganda safari destination where you can spend your Christmas holidays from. One of the destinations to look out for is Lake Bunyonyi. A Uganda safari tour to Lake Bunyonyi is an interesting safari Uganda adventure as it has got some many attractions to go visit for example lake Bunyonyi Uganda. A visit to Lake Bunyonyi is a memorable one as it gives you an opportunity to pay homage to the second deepest lake on the African continent. Attractions in Lake Bunyonyi Uganda that you are likely to encounter include numerous bird species that led the locals to name it Lake Bunyonyi which means a lake of many birds. Other attractions in Lake Bunyonyi include the famous 27 islands which are Akampene Island or the punishment island and this was used by the local resident to punish young girls who had gotten pregnant before marriage. These girls were dropped on this island and left there to die. Lake Bunyonyi tours Uganda give you an opportunity to indulge in various safari activities in Lake Bunyonyi such as canoe boat rides, island visits, zip lining and birding and relaxation at the shores.

Many short Uganda tour or long Uganda safari goers feature a visit to  Lake Bunyonyi as part of your Uganda wildlife safari or Uganda gorilla safari experience since this lake is sand witched between Uganda wildlife safaris attractions such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kibale Forest National park and Rwenzori National Park and also gorilla tours Uganda destinations Mgahinga Gorilla National park and Bwindi impenetrable National Park hence acts as a stop over place for Uganda safari tourists who are crossing from the gorilla lands to the tropical savanna destinations. If you intend also to make this stopover, I am going to take you on a tour Uganda journey in a 2 part series where will reveal 15 Uganda safari lodges you can choose to stay in while on your visit to lake Bunyonyi Uganda. In todays episode we will reveal to you 8 of these lodges in a countdown style

  1. Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

Located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, Entusi Resort is a serene and indeed a great place for reflection. It features a bar, garden, restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi.

  1. Edirisa Campsite

Edirisa is a colourful family house, with two cosy grass-thatched huts and a lovely campsite hide in a forest close to Bufuka Primary School, on a peninsula that combines accessibility with the special feeling of being surrounded by a lake.

The name, ‘Edirisa’ which means a window in Rukiga, the local language, (campsite) strives to give her guests an authentic African perspective, on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. The Family House has three spaces: a living room, a twin room that can be converted into a triple (bunk bed addition) and a Double Room.

The Double Cottage has a double bed, a writing table with drawers, a big drum that serves as a coffee table and two foldable chairs for your extra comfort while the small Dorm contains two sets of bunk beds equipped with bedding and mosquito nets.


  1. Bushara Island Camp

Bushara Island Camp, is a popular place on Lake Bunyonyi. The small island where this camp is located, is peaceful, safe, natural, intriguing to day-visitors and families, and a sanctuary for the weary traveller. The green hills and papyrus swamps offer many opportunities for bird watching and Eucalyptus trees and shady nooks along private paths provide quiet places to sit and read a book. The Camping site comes with numerous lodging options to fit a wide range of your accommodation needs. This camp boosts of ensuite safari tents and cottages which have a direct view of the claim waters of Lake Bunyonyi. It also has large space for you to come and enjoy your picnic camping from. The cost of loding here  ranges from 6 USD for self campers to 40 USD ot reside in their self contained cottages or tents


  1. Byona Amagara Island

Situated on a peninsula on a small island of Itambira on Lake Bunyonyi alongside a protected cove at the heart of the stunning and serene island-studded lake, Byona Amagara caters to budget travelers looking for a place of utmost relaxation, gorgeous views, and tranquility and delicious food, all at the most affordable prices in the region. There are various types of lodging ranging from camping, to dorms, to huts with shared bathrooms, all the way up to cabins and deluxe “geodomes” with private bathrooms (self-sufficient).

Many visitors to Byoona Amagara have found the geodomes to be amazing. It’s a large straw hut with a double and a single bed (each with mosquito net), a table and chairs, a sofa, and a lockable cabinet.

  1. Nature’s Prime Island

Nature’s Prime Island is a secluded island in the calm, warm waters of Lake Buyoniyi. You can opt to stay in their safari tents or cabins and surround yourself with nature, water and amazing views.

The tents and cabins are scattered around the island, each set in its own prime spot.

  1. Hawks Eye Lodge

Hawk’s Eye Lodge is nestled on Nyakabungo Hill overlooking Lake Bunyonyi. It offers spectacular views of Lake Bunyonyi and is ideal for families with children, foreign and local travelers, nature lovers, groups, retreats and other events. The lodge has 11 Executive Self Contained Tents, 3 wooden cottages and over 50 Safari Tents. The family atmosphere at the Lodge will thrill both adults and even the youngest family members. Accommodation here ranges from 90- 15USD

  1. Sharp Island Lodge

Opened in 2016, Sharp Island Lodge, is located on an island in the scenic Lake Bunyonyi. The local name of this Island is Njuyera; it has a great history. For about 50 years, it was the home of Doc Lennen Sharp, a missionary and doctor in the early years of the 20th century. He and his wife made this island a unique place. If you visit it now, you experience the joy of an impressive botanical garden. There are many different plants and flowers from East Africa and some exotic birds.

Sharp Island Gorilla Lodge provides a total of four comfortable and spacious cabins, which display African style blended with European comfort. Each cabin has been strategically placed with a spectacular view of the lake and the surroundings.

  1. Heritage Lodge

Heritage Lodge, Habuharo is situated on a 7-acre island that is one of 29 islands in Lake Bunyonyi. The Lodge features 10 self-contained tents and 1 family cottage that provide comfort amidst the serenity and scenic beauty of the Lake.

The island can be reached by a 25-minute boat ride from the main landing site at Ha’rutindo. Accommodation at the island comprises mainly self-contained tents in wooded seclusion overlooking the lake.

The tents blend in well with the surroundings while at the same time providing the comforts of a warm bed, flush toilets, and a hot shower. There are also two cottages available as alternative accommodation. The main building includes a bar and restaurant.

  1. Crater Bay Cottages

Crater Bay Cottages and Camp, located in Bufuka village at the shores of Lake Bunyonyi is a quiet getaway in the misty hills of Kabale, South-Western Uganda. The facility has good bar and restaurant, small library, craft shop, Wi-Fi access and a laundry service at a small fee all under one roof!

Guest accommodation comprises of twelve private, standard cottages with double, twin, and triple rooms. They also have one family cottage all with a lake view.

A terraced block with four self-contained and four non-self-contained rooms with lake view as well, usually preferred by low budget travelers are available including two tree houses, one twin canvas room and one double canvas room.

We have come to the end of our first episode which has seen go through 9 out of 15 of the lodges you can visit on your safari in Uganda to Lake Bunyonyi. In our next episode, we will reveal the best 6 Uganda safari accommodations at Lake Bunyonyi Uganda.

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15 Best Uganda Safari Lodges to Look Out For On a Visit to Lake Bunyonyi During This Christmas Season – Uganda Safari News
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