This 2 days safari Uganda gives you an opportunity the wild grasslands of Murchison Falls National Park that are filled with spectacular biodiversity of wildlife species as you get to do a game drive here. you also get to encounter man’s closest wild relatives the chimpanzees so as to experience a Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari expedition with a visit to Budongo forest.

Overview of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari / 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park is located in the northwest part of Uganda about 305 km or 5-6 hours of drive from Kampala Uganda. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s biggest park spanning an area of about 3,893sq kilometers. This vast expanse of conservation land is dissected by the mighty river Nile on its course to the Mediterranean Sea where it pours its waters. This led to the creation of the northern and southern banks of this national park.

Highlights of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari / 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Day 1 of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari: Start off this tour Uganda with a memorable Uganda safari journey to Murchison falls national park then engage in an evening game drive over the northern sector plains of the park.

Day 2 of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari: Day 2 of this short Uganda tour puts you up for an encounter with the chimpanzees with a visit to the forests of Budongo in the southern sector of the park.

Detailed itinerary of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari / 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Day 1 of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari / 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari in Uganda


Kick-off this Uganda tours experience with waking up early in the morning and ready yourself for an early morning pick up from your hotel in either Kampala or Entebbe for a transfer to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda. Partake an early morning breakfast to warm you up for the exciting Uganda tour experiences that await you on this 2 days safari in Uganda. One of our experienced and friendly guides will pick you up from your hotel in any of our wide fleet of safari car hire vans which include 4×4 luxury land cruisers, 4×4 safari vans and 4×4 super customs and embark on a Uganda wildlife tour of a life time to Murchison Falls National Park which lasts about 5-6 hours. this seems such a long journey but trust me its totally worth it as it comes loaded with unique experiences that will forever keep you entertained and compensate for the long drive time. These experiences commence with the smell of the fresh air that rushes through your nostrils to surely remind you that you are now in the pearl of Africa. As day breaks, on a clear day, take time off to gaze at the eastern horizon and you will be greeted by a spectacular show of prowess by the sun as it sheers through the clouds to warm you up for the day ahead on this Uganda wildlife safaris. Watch out for the lush green Ugandan scenery that blankets most of the landscape here.  All these sightings are interluded with memorable road stops that get to give you a bit of time to stretch. The first stop comes about in Luwero at a roadside market where you get get your car surrounded by these market vendors carrying the best of Uganda’s fruits ranging mangoes, pineapples, and sugarcane. Your next stop comes around at the Kabalega Dinners restaurant for a truly exotic luncheon that has been carefully crafted from a wide selection of purely Ugandan ingredients to give you the true taste of Uganda’s goodness. After this, enjoy the rest of your journey to Murchison Falls National Park. Your journey ends with your arrival at your already pre-booked Uganda accommodation safari lodge where you will be welcomed to by the genuinely happy Ugandan staff who will see to it you are properly tucked into your room. Refresh yourself as you take a bath in the ensuite facilities. Set off to your next adventure which is a game drive  over the tropical savanna grasslands of Murchison falls that are home to a great variety of wild game and this puts you in position to see of Africa’s finest animals such as the giraffes, African bush elephants, cape buffaloes, big cats like the lions, and leopards. After this game drive on this short Uganda wildlife safari retreat to your lodge for freshening up. Make your way to the comfortable lounge area and get to share you Uganda tour experience with other lodgers that are here as you wait for dinner to be served. After dinner, you can extend your chat with other guests present at the lodge to the campfire and also get to gaze at the open skies and watch the multitude of stars dangling over the horizon which is absolutely magical till you decide to go to bed.

Day 2 of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari / 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Wake on the second day of this short Uganda wildlife safari to the melodious twittering of some of the 350 birds that call this place home then make your way to the restaurant for an early morning breakfast from a wide selection of confectionaries as well as a different selection of African coffee to suit your taste. Check out of the lodge and then transfer to the Budongo forest to experience one of a kind chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda. This kicks off with a short briefing about the dos and don’ts about Uganda chimpanzee trekking tour experience after which the exciting journey into the tropical forest begins. On this Uganda hiking safari experience, you are led by a highly experienced and friendly guide who will help you understand the wide biodiversity that exists here. Come along with a pair of binoculars which gives you an opportunity to sight some of the other forest dwellers such as forest birds as well as primates like monkeys that call this pristine jungle their home. After locating a community of chimpanzees, you are awarded an hour to observe and photograph these amazing creatures that share so much with us such a 99% similar DNA with humans and a lot of emotions. After the lapse of this hour, you rendezvous with close wild cousins comes to an end then embark on a return Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari back to the starting point. Settle in for a mouthwatering lunch at Budongo eco lodge then begin you return journey to Kampala via Masindi- kafu- Luwero road. The end of this journey draws the curtains on this tour in Ugandas experience.

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Lake Bunyonyi is Uganda’s deepest lake with 900m of depth and this makes the second deepest lake in Africa only behind lake Tanganyika which is about 1470m deep. Lake Bunyonyi lets accompany on your lake Bunyonyi safaris Uganda and get to see various attractions in lake Bunyonyi Uganda which include 29 islands which seem many given the size of the lake which is small. This led to its catchphrase name the lake of thousand islands, other attractions on this lake include numerous bird species as well as fish species. the main Uganda safari activities in lake Bunyonyi is a boat ride over the tranquil waters of this lake while visiting some of the 29 islands, other Uganda safari activities in lake Bunyonyi Uganda include birding, zip-lining. Getting to lake Bunyonyi Uganda shouldn’t be a hustle as you can go there using both air and road transport means. Accommodations in lake Bunyonyi include Birds Nest Resort, Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort, Acardia lodge lake Bunyonyi

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2 Days Murchison Falls Safari / 2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari in Uganda- Uganda Safari News
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