Overview of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Uganda Trekking Safari / 7 Days Uganda Hiking Safari To Rwenzori Mountain National Park

This 7 days Uganda hiking safari is aimed at giving you a chance to hike the Rwenzori Mountain without reaching the summit as this safari Uganda on the Rwenzori mountain ends at Elena’s hut which is situated about 4563m above sea level.

Rwenzori Mountain is situated in the western region of Uganda at the border between Uganda and Congo and in Uganda, it covers the districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo and Kabarole. This mountain is found in the Rwenzori National Park which was named after it. Mountain is the highest mountain in Uganda, 3rd highest in east Africa and Africa as well only behind mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is the highest in Africa and Mount Kenya in Kenya. The mysteries surrounding mt Rwenzori started captivating European medieval geographers as early the 1st-2nd century AD and in 150AD, an ancient Greek-Roman geographer called Cladius Plotemy wrote of a mountain deep in the heart of Africa was the source of the mighty river Nile, he named this mountain as “Mountains of the Moon”. As time passed, early geographical explorers took up a task to discover the source of the longest river in the world and in 1888, Henry Morton Stanley successfully became the first white man to see MT Rwenzori, he added it on the world map on 08th May 1888 naming it Ruwenzori which is a local Bakonzo word which means “Rain Maker”. Rwenzori National Park was gazetted into a national park in 1991 and in 1994, it was added among the World Heritage Sites by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization

Highlights of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Uganda Trekking Safari / 7 Days Uganda Hiking Safari To Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Day 1 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Transfer from Kampala to Kasese

Day 2 of the7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Start hiking from Nyakalengijja- Nyabitaba hut

Day 3 of the7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Continue the ascent from Nyabitaba Hut to John Mate hut

Day 4 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Proceed from John Matte to Bujuku

Day 5 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: From Bujuku hut hike to Elena’s Hut then back to Kitandara Hut.

Day 6 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour return to Nyakelingija from Kitandara hut

Day 7 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour transfer back to Kampala

Detailed itinerary of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Uganda Trekking Safari / 7 Days Uganda Hiking Safari To Rwenzori Mountain National Park

 Day 1 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Start off this Uganda safari with an early morning pick up from your hotel by any of our experienced and friendly guides who will accompany you on this safari Uganda to Mountain Rwenzori National Park. This tour Uganda road adventure is quite thrilling as it comes with interesting road stops as well as road sightings that will intrigue for this entire Uganda tour road adventure to Kasese where you start your hike to Rwenzori mountain. This adventure begins with a stop in Kayabwe at latitude 0o or commonly known as the equator line which divides the world into 2 halves for the equator experience. Your next stopover is Lukaya a roadside market where you a taste of Uganda’s KFC. Now your last stopover on this incredible journey is in Mbarara town at Igongo Cultural Center for a Ugandan traditional lunch meal. As you continue with this road drive, look out for your dramatic entrance into Kyambura gorge which also signals your entrance into queen Elizabeth national park which comes with an opportunity to enjoy a free Uganda wildlife safari drive in queen Elizabeth national park that ultimates gives you an opportunity to site several of the wild animals that call this tropical savanna their home such as cape buffaloes elephants and topis and numerous antelopes as well as bird species out of the 600 birds that live here. check-in at your already pre-booked lodge in Kasese for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 2 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Commence the second day of this tour in Uganda with an early morning breakfast then transfer to the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services filed office for a briefing about the entire hiking safari to Elena’s hut. You will be assigned to specific guides and porters who prove to be very instrumental to making your hiking experience a memorable one as they help you carry your hiking requirements and foods as well as preparing your meals during this entire course of the hike to the top of the mountain.  After this briefing, get to business as you start your hike to 3979m above sea level. The first day of hiking takes you through Bakonzo villages giving you an opportunity to see these people as they go about their daily routines. It also sees you move through the afro montane forests of Rwenzoris and this habituate a wide variety of birds and other mammals which you will meet on this hike to Nyamitaba hut. Day 1 hike covers about 10 km which you ascend in about 4-5 hours. You will have the days meals at this hut which has running tap water that is pumped from the nearby stunning Mahoma lake which you should visit when you get here. At this hut, you will have stunning views of the fort portal peaks of the Rwenzori from here.

Day 3 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Day three sees you continue with your hike towards John matte hut. This hike takes you through the Kurt Shafer bright located on the confluence of Mubuku and Bujuku rivers. After the Kurt Shafer bright, you will proceed through a vegetation zone with a mixture of afro montane forests, bamboo forests and rocks covered by the wet and slippery moss. While in this zone, you will still be able to sight or hear the twittering of various forest bird species and other animal species that habituate within the area. You will now arrive at Nyamulejju rock shelter which used to serve as a night camping site for early climbers but today, it will be your spot for a lunch break. While here please look out for the breathtaking view of Mount Stanley and Speke especially when there is clear weather. After taking this lunch break continue pushing on until you finally make it to the john matte hut. This hut was named after the founding president of mountain club Uganda Mr John Matte. This hut is located on a hillside on the banks of river Bujuku. Have dinner and an overnight stay at this hut to conclude day 2 of your Uganda mountaineering safari in Rwenzori mountains.

Day 4 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Day4 begins with having breakfast. After the breakfast, the journey to Bujuku hut continues and it will now take you through the bigo bog area. The bigo bog is a swampy area in the mountain valleys which contains the giant lobelias, being a swampy area it was the hardest part of the trek up for early climbers as mobility was very limited but this is all now in the past as walking boards over the bigo bog were constructed to make it easy for climbers to cross the area. This also came with a chance for climbers to take time and appreciate the beauty of the forever flowering groundsels and also the giant lobelias. After a steep hike further, you will be welcomed to lake Bujuku that will give you a splendid view of Mount Baker, Speke and Stanley all at the same time on clear visibility. You will continue to the Bujuku hut where dinner will be served and have an overnight stay. Day 4 takes you through a stretch of 5km.

Day 5 wake up early in the morning for breakfast then begin your ascent to Elena’s hut which is located at 4563m above sea level. This hike gives you an opportunity to see ice at the equator. Have a lunch break here then descend back to Kitandara hut for an overnight stay and dinner.

Day 6 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Day 6 gets you to descending back to Nyakalengija for a short debriefing. From here, our guide will now transfer you to your pre-booked lodge in Kasese where you will have an opportunity of having a nice and comfortable hot shower as well a hot meal for dinner and sleep in a comfortable bed for the 6th night.

Day 7 of the 7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari Uganda Tour: Begin this day with a relaxed morning wake up at around 09: 00 am for breakfast then check out of the hotel and begin your transfer back to Kampala via the Kasese- Fort portal- Kampala route with a lunch stop in Fort portal for your flight back home. If you booked a flight back home using Kigali airport as your departure point, you can decide to visit Lake Bunyonyi on your way to Kigali. Lake Bunyonyi is located in the southwestern district of Kabale. This is a spectacular piece of nature’s creation given its 27 islands dotted all it and these have made it be referred to as the lake of a thousand islands. On your Uganda trip to lake Bunyonyi Uganda, you see various tourist attractions in lake Bunyonyi Uganda and these include birds, scenery that is prolific. Get to engage in various tourist activities in lake Bunyonyi Uganda such as zip-lining, birding, boat cruise, island hopping as well as nature walks on the peripheral of this freshwater lake. In case you have a free day before your flight departs you can decide to spend an overnight along the beaches of this lake and you will find it easy to find lodges here as there are numerous Uganda safari accommodation in lake Bunyonyi such as Bunyonyi Eco-Resort, Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort, Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Arcadia Lodge Bunyonyi



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7 Days Rwenzori Hiking Uganda Trekking Safari / 7 Days Uganda Hiking Safari to Rwenzori Mountain National Park-Uganda Safari News
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