Overview of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari & Chimpanzees

This 8 days Uganda gorilla safari gives you an opportunity to visit numerous Uganda safari tours attractions that range from chimpanzees, wild mammals and gorillas as well as the incredibly beautiful lake Bunyonyi. This 8 days gorilla trekking Uganda features a Uganda tour to Kibale National Park for an epic Uganda chimpanzee safari as its home to close to 5000 chimpanzees and other 12 primate species that are up for sightings while on this Uganda wildlife safari to Kibale National Park Uganda. Proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park and indulge in a thrilling short Uganda wildlife safari experience as you sight several africa savanna mammals that call this tropical savanna paradise. Make your way to Bwindi impenetrable national park for an epic gorilla trekking Uganda safari. Finally climax this gorilla tour Uganda with a relaxing stay at Lake Bunyonyi Uganda before you finally make a return journey to Kampala for your flight back home.

Highlights of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees

Day 1 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: Transfer from Kampala to Kibale and an evening nature walk in Bigodi wetlands

Day 2 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: A morning chimpanzee experience then an eveing exploration of the ambere ga nyina mwiru caves

Day 3 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: Have a morning game drive and engage in an afternoon boat cruise

Day 4 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: Morning game drive and transfer to bwindi impenetrable national park

Day 5 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees Engage in a gorilla trekking Uganda tour experience and cultural encounter with the Batwa

Day 6 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: Enjoy a nature hike in bwindi jungle and transfer to lake bunyonyi

Day 7 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: Explore lake bunyonyi

Day 8 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees: Transfer back to kampala

Detailed itinerary of the 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari and Chimpanzee Safari

Day 1 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees Wake up early in the morning on the first day of your Uganda tour to Kibale and have an early morning breakfast to give you energy for the magnificent day ahead of you on this 3 days Uganda wildlife safari excursion to Kibale National Park. Expect to be picked by none other than one of our experienced guides who will be your companion on this Uganda safari to Kibale forest which is lasts about 5 hours to get there. Even though this safari in Uganda is rather short, it comes with captivating road sightings as you get to see the lush green scenery that blankets Uganda’s land scape. Watch the sun rise on a clear day to warm you up as you journey to primate capital of the world on this  short Uganda wildlife tour. Arrive in fort portal town Uganda’s tourism capital that’s beautifully tucked on the fringes of Rwenzori mountain foot hills, have an fine dining experience as you partake a traditional Ugandan meal prepared using fresh and organic foods to give you the best of Uganda’s taste. After this fine dining experience your short Uganda wildlife safari, next on the agenda is a short Uganda wildlife safaris transfer to Bigodi wetland located just at the fringes of Kibale National Park. Engage in a nice nature walk to over the wooden platform traversing the wetlands of Bigodi. Get to see some of the wildlife that exists here such as birds like the great blue turaco and you may come across some primates such as the vervet monkeys. Transfer to one of the numerous accommodations in Kibale National Park for dinner and an overnight stay.

Accommodation options

Luxury: Crater Safari Lodge, Ndali Lodge, Primate Lodge Kibale, Mountain Of The Moon, Nyaika Fort Hotel

Mid range: Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse, Chimpanzee Nest Lodge Rwenzori View Guest Camp

Budget: Kibale Guest Cottages, Kibale Forest Camp, Rweetera Safari Camp

Day 2 of the 8 Days Uganda gorilla safari & Chimpanzees : Start off your second day on this Uganda safari tour as you wake up early and listen to the numerous birds here sing to the new day break.  Dash to the restaurant for an early morning breakfast then transfer to the visitor information center in Kibale Forest National Park where you get to undergo a short briefing about Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the forest dwellers and you as well. Kick of your Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris as you venture into the forest to track these great apes, on your Uganda chimpanzee trekking tour in Kibale forest take note of the other creatures of the forest that might interest you like the birds and the various tree which will be further explained to you in great detail by your guide. On locating the chimps, you are granted an hour to observe these apes as they go about their morning duties such as feeding, grooming the young ones, take photos so that you are always reminded of your encounter with man’s closest wild cousins with A of whom we share a similar DNA of 99%. After the lapse of this hour, return to the visitor information center to share your experience with the chimps to the park authorities on this short Uganda wildlife safari. Transfer to one of the lodges here and have an African buffet lunch composed of mainly traditional foods that have been uniquely prepared with an exotic touch to meet your standards. After this belly satisfying luncheon get into our 4×4 safari minibus for hire in Uganda/ 4×4 safari land cruiser for hire in Uganda / 4×4 safari jeeps for hire in Uganda or 4×4 coaster for hire in Uganda and kick start your next Uganda safari tours adventure and this an exploration of the amaberee ga nyina mwiru. Transfer to caves where on arrival, you are in for captivating folklore that was advanced by the earlier natives of this place to the Chwezi in an effort to explain the existence of these rather strange natural landmarks to them. Explore the caves and encounter giant stalactites and stalagmites which are formed as a result of the carbonation process. These caves save the best for last as you get to encounter dramatic water falls inside formed as a result of the caves forming sudden cliffs along the river channel. After this rather thrilling adventure into the caves, get to hike the scenic fort portal hills and on making it to the top of these hills, you are rewarded with spectacular views of the rolling fort portal hills as well as sights of the Rwenzori ranges in the far distance. Transfer back to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Accommodation options

Luxury: Crater Safari Lodge, Ndali Lodge, Primate Lodge Kibale, Mountain Of The Moon, Nyaika Fort Hotel

Mid range: Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse, Chimpanzee Nest Lodge Rwenzori View Guest Camp

Budget: Kibale Guest Cottages, Kibale Forest Camp, Rweetera Safari Camp

Day 3 of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari & Chimpanzee: Wake up to the melodious twittering of birds that call this natural wonder home. Begin your road transfer toQueen Elizabeth national park which lies about 130km or a 3 hour drive. On arrival to Queen Elizabeth National Park, you are in for a classic wild game drive done in the Kasenyi sector. While on this drive, watch out the king of the jungle-lions which you spot roaming the vast plains of Queen Elizabeth looking for their best prey for an early lunch meal, other wild mammals to look out for include largest land mammals on the planet the African bush elephants, the stubborn cape buffaloes also numerous here and not forgetting the numerous subspecies of the antelope group that roam freely all over the plains of this great tropical paradise. After about 3 hours of exploring this untamed savanna, come back to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon transfer to the Mweya jetty and begin a fascinating boat cruise which takes you on an exploration journey of the Kazinga channel. This wildlife safari Uganda boat cruise leads on a collision course with water mammals such as numerous hippos and Nile water crocodiles and a variety of 600 bird species that exist here. After this cruise have an evening game drive around Kasenyi and when you get lucky, you might just bump into the predators of this savanna park which include lions, leopards and spotted hyenas.

Accommodation options

Luxury options: Mweya safari lodge, Elephant plains lodge, Park view safari lodge kyambura, Ishasha wilderness camp, Mazike valley safari lodge.

Mid range options: Simba safari lodge, Jacana safari lodge, Ihamba lakeside safari lodge, kyambura gorge lodge, king fisher safari lodge kichwamba.

Budget options: The Observatory, UWA bandas, Pumba safari lodge


Day 4 of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla & Chimpanzees: Wake up early in the morning and enjoy a heavy breakfast to energise you for the spectacular safari in Uganda experience that awaits you on the second day of your gorilla tour Uganda. check out of the lodge with your packed lunch then embark on a morning game drive through the Ishasha sector and this gives you the best chance to sight the famous tree climbing lions which are normally sighted while relaxing in the tree branches in this part of Queen Elizabeth Park. After this game drive continue with your safari Uganda journey to bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park which takes you on a 2-3 hour journey covering about 80km.


Luxury: Buhoma Lodge/Chameleon Hill Lodge/ Clouds Mount Gorilla Lodge/ Mahongany Springs Camp/Silver Buck Lodge.

Mid-range: Icumbi Gorilla Lodge/ Gift of Nature Lodge/ Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge

Budget: Buhoma Community Rest Camp/ Conservation Through Public Health/ Ruhija Community Camp.

Day 5 of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari: The fifth day of this gorilla safari Uganda kicks off with an early morning breakfast at the lodge then checkout and transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park center with your packed lunch for your ultimate gorilla trekking Uganda safari experience. On arrival to the park center indulge yourself in a short briefing for about 30 minutes as you are guided about the dos and the don’ts while engaging in a gorilla tour Uganda spectacle. On meeting the gorillas you indulge in a meet and greet with our long lost cousins whom we share 96% of DNA with. You are entitled to an hour to be mesmerized by these incredible giants after which you begin trekking back to the park center where you get awarded with a gorilla trekking certificate for your trekking efforts which means so much towards the conservation of these gentle giants. Take a breather moment here as you prepare yourself for your next Uganda safari tour activity which is a Uganda cultural safari spectacle as you get to visit a Batwa community near the park peripherals. On arrival to this community, you are subjected to a royal’s welcome which comes in a complete package of Batwa traditional music and dance from these enchanted community members and when you feel attracted to music feel free to mingle with the Batwa and groove to this African beat. Visit the Batwa doctor and clinic and you will be surprised by how these people have managed to get a substitute local herb to remedy their ailments without ever finding a need to visit a modern hospital. after this experience return to the lodge and for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 6 of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari with Chimpanzees:  This is a rather a relaxed day as you get to wake up a little bit late and listen to the angelic voices of nature as several of the 350 bird species that are found in Bwindi sing to the new dawn. You are in for a spectacular morning sunrise as you get to see the sun rays penetrating the jungle canopy to create a heart mellowing scenery like you have never seen before. Have a heavy breakfast from a wide assortment of tea and coffee with crunchy bites to energise you for the day ahead. Get out of the lodge and venture into the forest on a Uganda hiking safari expedition that takes you on a journey through the thick forest following any of the numerous safari trails here. This gives also an opportunity to explore this pristine jungle with an up-close and personal encounter with the various jungle dwellers that are found here. After about 1-2 hours of trekking the jungle return to the lodge, checkout and embark on a road transfer to Uganda’s deepest lake- Bunyonyi. The journey to Lake Bunyonyi from Bwindi is really a short one taking between 1-3 hours depending at the different regions of Bwindi where gorilla trek safari Uganda occurs. Although this journey is really a short one, it’s spectacular as you get to enjoy an African massage as it’s done on a rough road partly before joining the tarmac, enjoy breathtaking views of the Kigezi hills that form dramatic cliffs as well as never-ending corners. On getting to lake BunyonyiUganda, you have the liberty to choose to in any of the various Uganda safari accommodations in lake Bunyonyi. Some of the accommodations in lake Bunyonyi Uganda you can chose to stay for your overnight stay while visiting lake Bunyonyi include Bunyonyi Eco-Resort, Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort, Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Arcadia Lodge Bunyonyi.

Day 7 of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari & Chimpanzee:  This day is rather quite relaxed as it doesn’t have a lot of activities involved. Wake up at around 08: 00 am have a morning breakfast after which you get to explore the various tourist attractions of Lake Bunyonyi which include the visiting numerous islands such as akampene islands- this island was used to be a prison for girls who had gotten from pregnant before marriage also visit the leapers island which was a dumping place for people who had got the leprosy disease. After your epic adventure, return to the lodge for lunch and have the evening free for you to fully relax from what has been a fun and exciting week. However, you don’t really need a have a long Uganda wildlife safari/ long Uganda gorilla safari in order for you to visit Lake Bunyonyi. LakeBunyonyi can also be visited on short Uganda gorilla safaris like 3 days Uganda gorilla tours / 4 days gorilla safaris Uganda. Since gorillas are so popular with Africa safari-goers many tour operators in Uganda / Uganda safari companies who offer these safari packages also make it a point to include a visit to this magnificent lake. Some of the Uganda tour operators include Prime Safaris &Tours Ltd and Wild Gorilla Safaris Ltd

Accommodation options

Luxury: Birdnest @ Bunyonyi Resort

Mid range: Lake Bunyonyi rock resort, Lake Bunyonyi eco lodge, arcadia lodge Kabale, Bunyonyi overland resort.

Budget: Byona Magara Island Retreat

Day 8 of the 8 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari & Chimpanzee:  Have a morning breakfast and transfer to back to Kampala or Entebbe for a flight back home.

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