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With a width of about 7km and a length of 25km, Lake Bunyonyi is a magically amazing body of water in southwestern Uganda that is blessed with over 29 Islands. These islands are scattered across its waters though they are branded with various shapes and sizes as well. Lake Bunyonyi is called so because it has variety of bird species. “Bunyonyi” in most languages in Uganda means “many birds”. It is one of the most beautiful and safest lakes in Africa as it has no hippos or crocodiles. Lake Bunyonyi Uganda is 44m deep and has 29 islands. Most tourists on safaris in Uganda come here to relax and chill out after a day or two of Gorilla tracking, Volcano climbing, or being for days on the Safari trail in Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi is among the top natural treasures that Uganda has basing on the number of tourists who visit it while on their safaris Uganda. It is conveniently located near the Rwanda boarder through the outlines of the steep hills that separate Kabale from Kisoro.  Lake Bunyonyi stands on an elevation of 1,962 meters above sea level. It was designed as a result of lava flow that poured from one of the Virunga mountains which blocked off the Ndego river at present day Muko to create a dam.

It is also believed to be the second deepest lake in Uganda and the second in Africa however it has not yet been proved. Research has it that it has existed for over 8000million years ago. It is also surrounded by beautifully terraced hills that gives the lake the best scenic look. Lake Bunyonyi proudly appears on 5000-shilling note.

Lake Bunyonyi is enclosed by beautiful green terraced hills that rise up to 2,500m. The lake has a beautiful view throught the day. In the early morning, the island surfaces appear cotton candy like with a bit of mist. One day the islands disappeared from sight completely, as they were hidden under a blanket of clouds. However, it only took an hour to see them appear again. In the afternoon, they are immersed in the warm glow of the sun and later in the day, the islands appear a bit dark against a dim sky as evening approaches. the lake enjoys moderate temperatures year-round, cool in both the mornings and evenings.

Lake Bunyonyi has variety of bird species which makes it a good birding spot for the bird lovers undertaking Uganda birding safaris. There are over 250 bird species recorded at the Lake and some of these birds include; – African Harrier Hawk, White tailed blue monarda, Herons, egrets, the levillant cuckoo, the cardinal woodpecker, slender-billed baglafecth, weavers, levillant cuckoo, grey crowned cranes, a bird that was chosen as Uganda’s national symbol. The grey crowned crane appears in the center of the Uganda National flag.

The island boat safaris on Lake Bunyonyi 

A dug out canoe safari Uganda is an unforgettable idyllic journey on Lake Bunyonyi, offering you Island Hopping, Exploration, Birding, Village Visits according to your choice. It will offer you chance to discover the lake especially some of its 29 islands, the Rutinda Market, the people that live here all in an ancient like dugout canoe. 

While paddling or being paddled on Lake Bunyonyi you do not have to worry about Hippos and Crocodiles, they are not here on this pristine and scenic lake where everything travels by dugout canoes to the islands, including people, produce, meat, sodas and beer.  Where even the school bus is a dugout canoe, still made in the ancient ways of old.

You will meet the people who live on the islands and create new friendship, discover Islands with tales of their own such as the Akampene Prison Island and others.

Spend a relaxing day at the “Place of Little Birds” paddling a dugout canoe in the same way as it has been done for hundreds of years here and along other lakes such as Lake Victoria in Uganda.

In a world of much activity and noise, a day away from it all with have you listen to only sounds of birds, and the paddles dipping into the water.

Lake Bunyonyi has no hippos and no crocodiles and no bilharzia, it is however a very deep lake with a quick drop-off from the shore. For those canoeing for the day here we recommend a life-vest just to be on the safe side.

 You can visit Lake Bunyonyi Uganda after your gorilla trekking safari Uganda in Mgahinga National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda or you can visit after your short Uganda wildlife safari or Long Uganda wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park or any other park in south Western Uganda on your safari Uganda.

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Island boat cruise safaris on Lake Bunyonyi Uganda – Uganda safari News
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