Lake Bunyonyi A Must Visit Place on a Uganda Safari

Hello, my dear readers, I welcome you back to this edition of Lake Bunyonyi a must-visit place on a Uganda Safari, today let’s talk explore birdnest Bunyonyi Resort.

Located on the edges of this beautiful lake of birds- Lake Bunyonyi Uganda, Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort is one of the best luxury lodges at the shores of Lake Bunyonyi Uganda. Getting to Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort because this lodge is a standout lodge that can easily be located even before you really because there is a lot of signposts from Kabale which is the closest town to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda town directing you to Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort.  To reach the hotel there is a road branching from the main Kabale-Kisoro-road. If you’re your Uganda tour began from Kampala, you will branch from your left side hand side, just after leaving Kabale but if you have just concluded your Rwanda safari. Usually, a Rwanda tour is made up of a gorilla tour Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park which gives you an opportunity to any of the 10 gorilla families that are found in this park. In case you’re to approach Kabale from Musanze from your gorilla tours Rwanda using Kisoro-Kabale then you will find the branch-off point is found on the right-hand side. The drive to Kabale takes two hours from Kigali and around seven hours from the capital city of Uganda, Kampala.

The history of birdnest

The road to the current birdnest Bunyonyi resort as we know it starts close to 50 years ago when Francis (Frank) Kalemera Kalimuzo visited Lake Bunyonyi and he fell in love with the natural beauty of this lake. With no second opinion, he made up his mind and to buy land and construct himself a home in a place that had resonated with him. He liked the lake so much he decided to make it his home. Construction of the mansion began in 1963 he started putting up the first building at the lake. But before he could even get fully settled into his house, tourists who visited Lake Bunyonyi always asked him if they could stay over at his house and this gave birth to tourism at lake Bunyonyi and ultimately to Birdnest Bunyonyi resort.

The Ruin of The Little Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort.

Uganda as a nation fell into the most destructive era of this generation. The property and life of several people were destroyed. The hotel at Lake Bunyonyi was occupied and vandalized by the soldiers of Amin’s regime. Frank Kalimuzo’s widow tried desperately to keep the hotel running, but the whole nation was falling apart. The road from Kampala to Kabale was ruined, and the hotel was soon vandalized to the bone. It became a painful ruin.

Turning A New Leaf

With the end of an era of uncertainty and absolute anarchy, peace finally returned to Kabale and Uganda at large with the coming of the new government of NRM which came to power in 1986. Although this hotel was in tartars, its spirits and beauty was still very much intact and it was only waiting for someone to discover it and help it return to its former glory. It was only just a question of time before a group of Belgian investors discovered the hotel in its ruins but saw the potential of reviving it to its former glory and making become one of the highlights of any one’s visit to Lake Bunyonyi during their Uganda gorilla tour or Uganda wildlife safari. . The investors were able to locate the widow of Frank Kalimuzo and negotiate to renovate the hotel.

The Rebirth of Birth of Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort

The new proprietors saw the potential in this hotel hence they decided to expand it from a four bedroomed lodge to the fourteen roomed building that you now see. What will strike your eye about this lodge is its quite unique architectural design and grass thatch roofing style which was inspired by the bird nests of the various bird species that are found on this lake and this was done to pay homage to these original custodians of this lake the birds hence giving birth to its name @ The Birdsnest Bunyonyi Resort.

What makes this lodge a must-visit resort on your Uganda safari

The ecological swimming pool:- In the lower section of our compound, you will find our ecological swimming pool. This swimming pool overlooks the magnificent island-dotted Bunyonyi Lake to keep your eyes busy feasting on the beautiful views of this lake as you take a deep into this pool. This swimming pool is an ecofriendly as it has a system that pumps its water through a side pond where a selection of lake plants filter the water in a large bed of lava. This process makes the use of any chemicals completely unnecessary. While at the swimming pool, you can relax and enjoy a cool dive on hot days and if you decide to just relax by the pool, the lodge has got covered and fully indulged as there are multiple sunbeds for you to lie on and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the lake. If you like being active then there a pool table for you to practice your pool shots.

The lodge offers a very relaxed and cosy stay in all its rooms that range from guest rooms in the main lodge to idyllic cottages in the courtyard. Anyone who has tested the wide range of continental cuisines that are prepared can testify about t how tasty the food here as its prepared by a team of expert chefs using an array of organic ingredients. The lodge also offers boat ride around the lake as explore several of the islands here.

Just to give you a different perspective of this lodge, here is a review of one of the numerous guests who have stayed at this lodge as of latest as last month and they give you their own experience at this lodge. Late Gappers wrote on the Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort Trip Advisor page about their 2-night stay and said “stayed here for 2 nights with my adult daughter. We loved the location on the lakeshore and had a large family room with a balcony (room 7) which was spacious and comfortable. Public rooms were nicely decorated and furnished, and there were lots of options for outside seating. We love nature and there were ample birdlife, and otters in the lake. Food was good, and staff were helpful. We walked to the little village nearby and then hired a boat to come back. Lots of boat trips possible on the lake. It is about a 2-hour drive from the Gorilla trekking start point, but would be a super place to unwind for a few days after a busy trekking or safari holiday.” I think without any doubt we can both agree that when you decide to make a Uganda safari tour to Lake Bunyonyi and make Birdnest your lodging choice, your experience will definitely note be far from Late Gappers or any of other guests that have resided here before.

Who to contact for a visit to Lake Bunyonyi?

If you would like to visit Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort as part of your Uganda safari tours to either Bwindi national Park or Mgahinga gorilla National Park Uganda or just as your honeymoon destination there are number of Uganda safari companies / Uganda tour operators who will gladly organize a tour Uganda for you to this desert oasis of the Kigezi highlands. Some of the highly recommended Uganda safari companies who have stood out as distinguished local tour companies for the ultimate Uganda safari tours are Prime safaris & tours ltd and also Wild Gorilla Safaris.

Here are some of the sample packages organized by these companies in Uganda

Let’s meet again next week for another edition of our Lake Bunyonyi series and we will look at Arcadia Lodge Lake Bunyonyi but before I go let me leave you with some of our best selling safaris in Uganda packages


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