• Christmas holidays are just around the corner and many people are wondering which places they can go to so that they have a good time with their families this festive season. Well if you’re one of them, I have a place in mind just for you that I strongly believe is the total package to whatever you need in a Uganda safari destination this festive season. I propose a Uganda safari tour to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda.

    Lake Bunyonyi Uganda has over a period of years captivated the hearts of many Uganda wildlife safari or Uganda gorilla safari goers who have created time in their Uganda tour itineraries to visit this great natural wonder of Uganda. Stashed in the ridges of the famous Kigezi hills, Lake Bunyonyi forms the backdrop of the beauty of these stunning landscape that have for many years intrigued many Africa safari travellers who have visited this area and it does make sense why some of  these travellers decide to call this Kigezi region the Switzerland of Africa given the sheer beauty of these rolling hills.

    What makes Lake Bunyonyi a must-visit destination in Uganda over this festive season is that, its sandwiched between numerous Uganda safari tour destinations that can be visited very easily if you’re based at the shores of this lake.

    Many safari Uganda makers usually have a phobia to visit Lake Bunyonyi Uganda citing various reasons which include the cost of accommodation facilities to a limited number of activities to engage in while here and others also perceive it as a destination for honeymooners. Well, over the next couple of days, I want to shed light on several of the accommodation facilities that you can choose to stay in and at a great price as well but before we do that, lets first take care of those who believe that there isn’t just much to do at Lake Bunyonyi

    For those of you who think that there is literally nothing you can do when you make a Uganda tour to Lake Bunyonyi, let me try to highlight some of the activities you didn’t pay much attention to yet you can definitely engage in them while at Lake Bunyonyi.

    Let’s have a sneak-peek into these destinations

    Uganda gorilla safaris

    Lake Bunyonyi is within a close range to the 2 days gorilla trekking Uganda safari destinations which are Mgahinga gorilla National park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. To get Bwindi from Lake Bunyonyi, it only takes you 2-3 hours drive covering only a distance between 50-100km, depending on the region of Bwindi you’re visiting. Getting to Mgahinga gorilla park from Lake Bunyonyi takes about also requires only a maximum of 2 hours covering about 75km though most of this drive is done on a bumpy murram road.

    Uganda gorilla tours to either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga give you an amazing opportunity to encounter several of the over 400 mountain gorillas that call these parks their home.  As a matter of fact, 18 gorilla families in Bwindi Impenetrable forest have been habituated by the Ugandan conservation stakeholders to give you an amazing gorilla trekking Uganda safari experience.

    Mgahinga Gorilla Parkon the other hand, is home to 1 gorilla family that awaits you on your gorilla tour Uganda experience to this park.  With this close proximity of Lake Bunyonyi to any of these gorilla trekking Uganda safari parks in mind makes, Lake Bunyonyi is a good place to start your Uganda gorilla trekking experience especially if you’re to engage in a short Uganda gorilla safari like a 2 day gorilla safari Uganda

    Uganda wildlife safaris

    Yes, its very possible for you to enjoy a short Uganda wildlife safari with your family while on a visit to Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi is still enjoys close proximity to one of Uganda’s biggest Africa wildlife safari site Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is very true because a drive from Lake Bunyonyi to Queen Elizabeth takes about 4  hours covering some 170km which is less compared to 7 hours drive covering over 400 km if you’re travelling form Kampala.

    Uganda wildlife tour to Queen Elizabeth is a fascinating Africa wildlife safari odyssey given the fact that Queen Elizabeth is one of the best Africa savanna safari destinations ranked 35th in Africa by safari bookings an online travel company that Prime safaris is proud to be a partner to. When you make this Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth, expect to be in a thrilling company of Africa’s wild mammals which include 4 out of 5 of Africa’s big game which include leopard, the stubborn cape buffaloes, African bush elephants and lions.

    What makes a safari to Queen so special is the possibility of encountering the famous tree-climbing lions that are usually sighted in the Ishasha in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park. Other wild mammals you can encounter on an African safari to Queen include topis, waterbucks and gazalles. Another activity you should never miss out when on a Uganda safari tour to Queen is a boat trip over the muddy but tranquil waters of the Kazinga channel.

    This boat trip gives you a vantage point to encounter numerous water dwellers of this waters such as the gigantic Nile crocodiles as they bush along the sandy shores of this channel, numerous schools of hippos as they rise their heads out of the water to catch a breath before taking another dip into the water. If you are a birding fanatic, then Queen Elizabeth is your place to be because, this natural birding paradise is home to 600 bird species hence a Uganda birding safari here is nothing less of spectacular.

    If you are only interested in staying close to the lake, still there are several attractions in Lake Bunyonyi Uganda that you will encounter while here and these include numerous bird species that led the locals to name it Lake Bunyonyi which means a lake of many birds. Other attractions in Lake Bunyonyi include the famous 27 islands which are Akampene Island or the punishment island and this was used by the local resident to punish young girls who had gotten pregnant before marriage. It was on this very Island that these girls were dropped on and left there to die.

    tour to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda gives you an opportunity to indulge in various safari activities in Lake Bunyonyi such as canoe boat rides, island visits, zip lining and birding and relaxation at the shores. In our next encounter will start shading a light onto several of the Uganda safari accommodations in Lake Bunyonyi which you can use to for lodging needs.

    If you would like to travel to Lake Bunyonyi, it is found in western Uganda and getting to Lake Bunyonyi takes you on a journey of about 450km from Kampala city covering about 8-10 hours of a road drive.

    Would you like someone to organize for you a Uganda tour to Lake Bunyonyi? Prime Safaris and Wild gorilla safaris are 2 truly amazing companies that have a wide range of safari packages that include a visit to this Kigezi highlands oasis. The good thing about many of these packages is that they also feature a visit to other Uganda safari attractions sites we have mentioned before.

    Here are some of these packages for you to consider.

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Lake Bunyonyi – A Must Visit Uganda Safari Destination This Christmas Holiday- Uganda Safari News
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