Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort- A Must Visit Place on a Uganda Safari

Are you looking for a stunning destination for relaxing as part of your African safari in Uganda? Lake Bunyonyi Uganda is the answer you’ve been searching. Lake Bunyonyi is entangled in the Kigezi highlands in Kabale district and a sight of it tranquil and immaculately serene waters of this lake as it meanders through the numerous highlands of Kigezi will definitely compensate for the long drive involved to get where this lake is located which is about 425km or 8-9 hour drive, if you’re driving from Kampala or 139km or 4-5 hour drive, if you’re driving from Kigali the capital of Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake on the African continent with a depth of about 900m and is only beaten to the top spot by Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania which has a depth of 1470m deep. Lake Bunyonyi is adored by many travellers especially newlywed couples who are looking for a destination for their honeymoon given its crystal clear waters which are crocodile, hippo and Bilhazia and this makes the waters of his lake all yours for a chilled swimming experience. Dubbed Lake Bunyonyi Uganda by the local Bakiga people which when loosely translated this name means a lake of many small birds and when you get to visit this lake on your Uganda wildlife safari or gorilla trek Uganda safari surely you will agree with the locals because this lake is a habitat for several species of birds which act as the biggest attraction in Lake Bunyonyi. Other attractions in Lake Bunyonyi include Other attractions in Lake Bunyonyi include the famous 27 islands which are Akampene Island or the punishment island and this was used by the local resident to punish young girls who had gotten pregnant before marriage. These girls were dropped on this island and left there to die.

A Uganda safari to Lake Bunyonyi is an amazing adventure which gives you the best opportunity to see several of the various attractions in this lake. Usually it’s easy for many safari Uganda goers to visit Lake Bunyonyi while on their way to or from either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda for an epic Uganda gorilla safari adventure since Lake Bunyonyi is a closely located to these 2 Uganda gorilla tour destinations with Bwindi being only 65km or way while Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is about 64km. If you are to visit this tropical paradise there are various Uganda safari lodges that you can choose to stay and in the next 7 series, I will be taking you through each one of these Uganda accommodation lodges that will give you the best experience while at this tranquil lake.

Let’s Begin Off Our Series With Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort.

 After or before your gorilla trekking Uganda to or from Bwindi, you can choose to have a night stay at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort. Located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, Bunyonyi Rock Resort is a comfortable, affordable, ecofriendly and best place to stay. Lake Bunyonyi rock comes with 12 rooms 9 of which are luxury self-contained rooms while three non-self-contained. Five of our luxury rooms are in the family cottage three rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs. Each of these rooms has a private balcony, private showers, clear views of the lake and neighbouring communities. Our restaurant serves travellers with all kinds of local and international foods to serve all our travellers interests. The bar is fully stocked with all local, international all served as complementary except the premium drinks.  The arrangement of the rooms can be single, double, twin and triple depending on the number of visitors received and the choice of their sleeping arrangements.

Besides food and sleeping services, Bunyonyi Rock Resort offers travellers with additional activities such as customised gorilla trekking Uganda safari, swimming, boat cruising, mountain hiking and airport transfers to reward travellers with memorable experiences.

What do past clients have to say about Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort?

What makes Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort stand out from the crowd include the vast amount experience which they have attained while serving in the tourism industry for over the past 10 years and the high level of professionalism that is exhibited by all their staff members as (chefs, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers) as they ensure to deliver a high-quality service to all clients that visit Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort.

Because of the great service and professionalism exhibited by this Uganda safari lodge in Lake Bunyonyi, many of the visitors to this lodge have had a memorable experience and as a result, they have written glorious reviews about this lodge.

Here is a sample of reviews written by some of its past guests.

Elizabeth Loeb who arranged her safari in Uganda with Prime Safaris & tours ltd also commented about the exceptional services and extraordinary beauty of this lodge on Trip Advisor an international online safari and tours company which Prime Safaris is proud to be a partner to. Here is admiration in words. “We loved the Buyonyi Rock Resort. It is a bit further away from the main town than the other resorts (about a half-hour drive) and so you feel more remote and part of the beautiful countryside. The views are great and hotel wonderful. Room was gorgeous and the hotel had lots of amenities and very good food. It was great just to sit at the restaurant and relax but they also had a swimming dock with lounge chairs, kayaks, etc. We did a community/birding tour with Paul Morris who was great. Spent a couple of hours walking a gentle loop trek through the neighbouring farms and learning about the surrounding community and seeing lots of great birds (which are also at the resort). There are nesting cranes right next to the resort, tons of sunbirds, weavers, etc. Wished we could have stayed longer.”

Abagail B another one of the so many clients happy with Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort wrote on Trip Advisor “We stayed here for a night after gorilla trekking. We arrived by boat, on a rainy day and the staff was at the dock waiting for us with umbrellas and hot towels. The room was beautiful, clean and comfortable. I wished we could have stayed longer, it is a relaxing place with an amazing view and interesting things to do.”

Who to contact for a visit to Lake Bunyonyi?

If you would like to visit Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort as part of your Uganda safari tour to either Bwindi National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda or just as your honeymoon destination there are number of Uganda safari companies / Uganda tour operators who will gladly organize a tour Uganda for you to this desert oasis of the Kigezi highlands. Some of the highly recommended Uganda safari companies who have stood out as distinguished local tour companies for the ultimate Uganda safaris tours are Prime safaris & tours ltd and also Wild Gorilla Safaris.

Here are some of the sample packages organized by these companies in Uganda


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Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort- A Must Visit Place on a Uganda Safari
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