Bunyonyi safaris resort

Bunyonyi safaris resort is located along the shores of Lake Bunyonyi in Southwestern Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is a Crater Lake nestled in the beautiful and attractive highlands of Western Rift Valley. The area is well known for its natural beauty for it looks like a magical lake. The lake is made up with over 36 islands and Bunyonyi safaris resort offers a good view of some of the Islands. Visiting this lake is one of the interesting activities to do on a Uganda safari.

Bunyonyi Safaris Resort offers up to date accommodation facilities within a rustic setting. This Locally owned and managed resort offers guests a chance to enjoy Uganda’s beautiful splendor of nature while enjoying the utmost comfort in modern amenities and outstanding services.

Uganda safari accommodation in Bunyonyi safari resort includes cottages that can house 12 beds plus a main hotel that can house 92 beds with two luxury suites. Each of the rooms is well furnished and each self-contained. Bunyonyi Safaris Resort can well accommodate over 100 guests.

Bunyonyi Safari Resort is situated near the gorilla parks of Uganda as well as Rwanda. It is found approximately 430 kilometers from Kampala and nearly 127 km from Rwanda’s Kigali. From Kampala, the fascinating drive takes through the verdant countryside and last nearly 6 hours, while from Kigali it takes not more than two hours.

The meals offered here are majorly African dishes. There are daily deliveries of fresh vegetables plus fruits from the nearby village, however their specialty is the Cray fish caught from Lake Bunyonyi; and the expert chef prepares the international dishes. Normally Dinner is served by the lake side at the campfire. There is local harpist who entertains with local Rukiga pieces.

Taking a Nature walk to the top of the hill above Bunyonyi Safari Resort displays more beauty at this resort. The scenery is very breathtaking. Visitors enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire lake together with background views of the Muhavura volcanoes. The attractively terraced hills are home to the local people who are usually seen cultivating their gardens. There is a bar, a pool table, a television plus music in the hall. This is a great place to host retreats, recreations as well as parties.


Cray fish, fresh tropical vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Cocktails of herbs, vegetables & fruits.  Herbal teas. Freshly baked bread and pastries. Roast rabbit, chicken, goat and pork.


The best of the countryside Uganda resorts. An ideal stop over for gorilla tracking safari in Uganda. Rated as one the best African safaris experiences.


Gorilla tracking, hiking, mountain bikes, boats, football, table tennis, lawn tennis, darts, chess, ludo, basketball, athletics, community, cultural and wildlife tours.


¨ Bunyonyi Safari Resort Cottages
¨ Cottages are fully furnished and self-contained.
¨ Electricity
¨ Running water
¨ Central kitchen and dining room.
¨ Balcony
¨ clean showers and flushing toilets
¨ Ensuite bedrooms,


¨ Bar,
¨ Barbecue gardens
¨ Restaurant


¨ Leisure club
¨ sports,
¨ camping,
¨ Conferences & parties.
¨ Manicured gardens.
¨ Golf course house
¨ swim in the lake
¨ darts,
¨ soccer
¨ volleyball


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Bunyonyi Safaris Resort-Uganda safari accommodation in Lake Bunyonyi Uganda
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